Our History

Mooney Orthodontics has a rich and storied history. It all starts with Dr. Sujata Bhatia, who first opened a WingHaven® location, then called Bhatia Orthodontics, in 2004 after having a nearby practice in St. Peter’s, MO since 2000. Dr. Bhatia practiced orthodontics in O’Fallon for 8 years before Dr. Tom Mooney joined us in 2012 and we became Mooney Orthodontics. We are so very grateful to Dr. Bhatia for the foundation of high quality care and community involvement that she built here in O’Fallon. Here is more from our original founder Dr. Sujata Bhatia.

Dr.__2.jpg“My journey to becoming an orthodontist started when I was a shy 14-year-old teenager with crooked teeth. I slid into parties, hung out at the back and generally just wanted to blend in because I was too afraid to smile. Then my mother took me to the local orthodontist. As my teeth got straighter and my confidence grew, I would tell my orthodontist, ‘Someday I will be like you!’ and he would just smile and nod...

The ‘OMG’ moment of getting my braces (on and then off) was equaled only with that of getting my orthodontic diploma from Louisiana State University after completing dental school in Lincoln, Nebraska. I finally had the platform I had prayed and worked for, to help change a person's life by changing their smile.”

2013_home_page_pic.jpgIn August of 2012, Dr. Tom Mooney joined Dr. Bhatia in the WingHaven® office. By March of 2013, Dr. Mooney had successfully integrated into the practice and firmly established a great rapport with the patients. That made Dr. Bhatia’s decision a little bit easier when she decided to focus exclusively on her two offices in Maui and to leave the WingHaven® office, which she did that month. After his 20-year career in the Navy, Dr. Mooney is glad to be back in his hometown and ecstatic to carry on the tradition of outstanding orthodontic care delivered in the practice started by Dr. Bhatia.