Your First Visit

first.jpgFrom the time you arrive at our office for this hour-long appointment, you will realize that CARING is the key word of the day. At our office we pride ourselves on educating our patients each step of the way, and you will leave our office with a complete understanding of the amazing possibilities available in this field of dentistry.

You will be greeted in the reception area and taken on a tour of our office. Next, a digital X-ray will be taken to assist our doctors with their diagnosis. A series of photos will be taken with our digital imaging system for viewing during your consultation.

During this complimentary initial visit, the following questions, as well as your specific questions, will be addressed:

  • Is orthodontic treatment indicated? If so, is this the best time to start or is further growth and development needed?
  • What are the treatment options and the benefits of orthodontic care?
  • How long will treatment last?
  • What are the costs involved and what financial arrangements are available?

We Set Time Aside to Get Started on Your First Visit!

4.jpgYour first step to a healthier smile is the preparation of diagnostic records of the mouth. We compile diagnostic information to enable our orthodontists to carefully review the nature of your orthodontic concerns and develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Your personalized treatment plan will be presented visually, to ensure your understanding of our recommendations.

  • For Interceptive Treatment: Complete set of x-rays and digitally scanned impressions (without the goop and gag of traditional impressions). If an interceptive appliance is required this can be fabricated from the digital impression as well, saving the patient repeated molding procedures.
  • For Braces Treatment: Complete set of x-rays and digitally scanned impressions. An appointment for placement of the brackets and wires will be scheduled within a few days.
  • For TEEN INVISALIGN or INVISALIGN: Complete set of x-rays and digitally scanned impressions. Your aligners will be delivered in a few short weeks and you will be on your way to the smile you have always wanted!

OUR INTERACTIVE WEBSITE enables you access to your photos and x-rays with your personalized User ID and password. Subsequent progress records are available as they are taken allowing you to easily track your or your child’s progress.