Gum Line Sculpting

We offer our patients a Smile Enhancement Package that includes:

Soft tissue diode laser sculpting is used to cosmetically reshape the architecture of the gums. In some cases there is redundant (extra) gum tissue that forms a pocket around the teeth making it a hard-to-clean area where the bacteria can grow.

Before                                       After 

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Post-Op Laser Instructions

  • You must continue to brush & floss like normal. For the first couple of days you will need to use a soft toothbrush. It is important to keep your mouth and gums healthy while the laser site heals.
  • You may eat as normal avoiding foods that could irritate your tissue (ketchup, orange juice, tomato sauce, etc.)
  • You will need to apply Vitamin E gel to the laser site 2 to 3 times per day. Puncture the Vitamin E capsule with a clean needle/safety pin and place on a clean finger or Q-tip and massage in the area of the laser site. Continue until all capsules are gone.
  • You may take the recommended Ibuprofen dosage suggested for you as needed for discomfort.

Removing the extra gum tissue enhances:

  • The ability to keep the teeth clean
  • Cosmetics by lengthening the teeth

In certain other cases the teeth may be straight but the smile still appears “crooked” because the gum line is uneven. Balancing the gum line creates asymmetry and enhances the perception of a straight smile.

Before                                        After 

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