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Kids Orthodontist O'Fallon, MO

It is common for children to face challenges with their oral health, and one of the professionals who can help is a kids orthodontist. While an orthodontist does not focus on cleaning the teeth and filling cavities, they do work on a holistic level to set up the child for oral health success both now and later in life. If your child has already seen their first tooth erupt, it is never too early to visit a kids orthodontist to ensure that everything is on the right track.

What a kids orthodontist can do

A kids orthodontist is a dental professional who focuses on the structure and orientation of the teeth, jaw, and bite. The things that a kids orthodontist can do include the following.

Identifies problems early

No child wants to discover that their teeth tend to grow in crooked. An uneven smile can make them self-conscious and nervous, and it may even lead to bullying. A kids orthodontist can identify problems with the child’s bite and teeth growth early to fix the issue.

A child’s mouth is more amenable to change than an adult’s, so discovering alignment issues right when they begin offers a smoother and less-invasive path to fixing the problem. Options may include braces, aligners, or elastic bands for repositioning the jaw to fix bite issues.

Prepares adult teeth for success

A child’s adult teeth rest above their baby teeth, ready to descend when the time is right. A kids orthodontist ensures that everything is going according to plan with the baby teeth before the adult teeth come in. They can make space and even move teeth around to ensure that the eruption of adult teeth is seamless. This way, children can age into their new smile gracefully.

Understands child-specific challenges

One thing that differentiates a kids orthodontist from other professionals is their specialized knowledge. Certain child-centric behaviors, such as thumb sucking, can contribute to tooth misalignment. Orthodontists who only work on adults do not have as much extensive knowledge about these child-specific challenges as a kids orthodontist does. Thus, parents can get more personalized guidance that suits their children.

Relates well with kids

Another element that makes kids orthodontists stand out is how they relate to children. They know that their primary demographic is young people, so they often have colorful, appealing offices and bright personalities among the staff to help kids relax. They also know how to calm a young child and demonstrate what they are doing to reduce anxiety.

Enhance your child’s smile

Once your child’s teeth start coming in, ensuring that everything proceeds as planned is essential. A kids orthodontist can help keep your child’s appointments on track so they can enjoy a lifetime of healthy, aligned teeth and good oral health. Contact our kids orthodontist to schedule an appointment, whether you believe that something is amiss or not. We are always happy to help our young patients!

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