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    Digital Photo Scanner

    We are excited to offer the revolutionary OrthoCAD iOC Digital Impression Photo Scanner. This technology not only eliminates the uncomfortable, gagging sensation associated with traditional dental impressions; but offers the benefit of an additional diagnostic tool that helps the Doctor to see your images in all three dimensions. This digital scan enhances the diagnosis of your teeth and bite, which enables a more accurate fitting appliance, faster turnaround time, and a much better result. This information, along with Dr. Mooney's prescription, is sent nearly instantaneously after the patient consult to have Invisalign aligners, braces, orthodontic functional appliances and retainer treatments fulfilled.

    Convenient Location

    Mooney Orthodontics is located in O'Fallon, MO with easy access to both I 70 and Highway 40. Click here for location information.

    Moving Teeth with Technology

    Our mission: To provide the best that orthodontic technology can offer with the best that humanity can offer!

    The quality of care and experience is evident when you walk into our warm tropical paradise!


    Dr. Mooney's expertise ranges from preventive and interceptive orthodontics for children, early orthodontic and orthopedic treatment, and Invisible braces for teenagers and adults.

    At Mooney Orthodontics, we use the latest proven technology that makes braces less noticeable, improves patient comfort and reduces frequency of appointments and treatment time. Especially important is the fact that new techniques can possibly eliminate the need for extraction of permanent teeth and the need for future surgery in growing children.


    Less Tin in a Grin

    At Mooney Orthodontics, we use "Space Age" wires that have been developed through the NASA space program. The wires are made from flexible metals that are heat activated.

    We use the latest brackets that allow for more control of each tooth. These high tech materials enable us to spread out your appointments 6–8 weeks apart as compared to the traditional 3–4 weeks apart. The force applied to the teeth is gentler and there is less discomfort.

    We also use digital photography and x-rays that speed up the time needed to make the diagnosis. The digital x-ray exposes the patient to minimal radiation as compared to typical x-rays.

    Lastly, and most importantly, is the relationship we establish with our patients. We consider you a member of our patient family the first day you come into our office. We strive to get to know each and every one of our patients on a personal level because we truly care about you! We hope that you will share and laugh with us throughout your treatment in our office. In our office it’s not just about teeth straightening, it’s about the experience. WELCOME!

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